- Making mono starts with making lace -

REI THE LACES CHAMBER, an original apparel brand of lace and embroidery.
We are particular about made in Japan, and we do everything from planning to sewing in Japan.

-Everything starts with making lace material-

“Rei The Laces Chamber” is an apparel campany in Tokyo.
We make clothing of original lace and embroidery since 1984.

Our original fabric and products are 100% made in Japan and good for women
who want to be more fabulous and unique.

Think about the world of lace that has been loved for a long time.

History of REI

My grandfather, who was born in the Taisho Era and loved Western movies since he was a child, was fascinated by the beautiful lace blouses worn by movie actresses. LACES CHAMBER" was born.

How to make lace

Ever since he was a student, his only pleasure was going to the Yokohama Odeon Theater, Japan's first Western-style film theater, and his grandfather was particularly fond of the great silent film actress Marlene Dietrich.

The 1930s was called the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it was an era when many masterpieces were born.

" Gone with the Wind " starring Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, " Morocco " and " Shanghai Express " starring Marlene Dietrich. " The Wizard of Oz " was first made into a movie in 1939.

Along with many masterpieces, beautiful movie actresses created fashion trends.

German actress Marlene Dietrich, who was active in the heyday of silent movies.

German actress Marlene Dietrich, who was active in the heyday of silent movies.

My grandfather, who ran a teahouse in Yokohama and made a living by drawing portraits and mending clothes, married my grandmother when he was 25.
It was around this time that I started making lace blouses, the beginning of REI, with my grandmother, who was good at dressmaking.

In Japan during the turmoil after the war, there were no lace blouses, and there were no gorgeous clothing patterns like those worn by movie actresses at the time. I piled it up and went from Yokohama to Tokyo to sell it.

REI clothes

The apparel industry took root in Japan relatively late in the 1960s, and the rapid economic growth led to the rapid development of mechanical lace along with the textile industry.

As lace fashion was recognized and orders gradually began to come in, he hired a sewing staff and remodeled his home into an atelier. Together with my grandmother, my grandfather embarked on a career as an apparel manufacturer.

Surrounded by many sewing machines and sewing staff, my mother who was born between them grew up in the atelier as a playground.

My mother, who grew up with lace from a young age, went shopping with her grandfather, and was often told about how beautiful Marlene Dietrich's million-dollar legs were, inherited his grandfather's thoughts and father. In 1984, he established Rei Co., Ltd.

REI Race

"REI" as a wholesaler

"REI THE LACES CHAMBER" is the brand name of REI, which my mother named because she wanted people who love racing to enjoy themselves in a small room of lace.

Although we are a small company with a small number of people with an atelier and a planning office, we have a track record as a wholesale manufacturer for 40 years.

As an apparel manufacturer specializing in Japanese lace, we have built up a solid track record of trust and achievements, with many customers coming from both Japan and overseas to purchase our products.

It is my mother's policy and REI's corporate philosophy to "spare no handiwork" in manufacturing.

One of the unique charms of REI, which has a long history, is the pattern of clothes that makes use of beautiful lace that does not impair the flow of delicate threads.

From product planning to production, we spend a lot of time and effort that would be unimaginable for a typical apparel maker, and carefully craft our products in small batches.

With the support of the lace factory that has been indebted to me since my grandfather's generation, the skilled craftsmen, and the customers who love REI.

Regardless of fashion or age.

We will continue to make clothes that mothers and daughters can wear for a long time.

thoughts on bridal

We have always wanted to do something that we have pursued for many years, close to the race.

That is to make a REI wedding dress.

The most beautiful day of your life.

A happy day that brings smiles to the faces of everyone, including the bride, groom, and attendees.

If you can celebrate a special day with your loved ones with REI races.

The circle of such thoughts spread, and the edge was connected, and in 2023, REI made a new start with the launch of the bridal line.

A wedding dress made of natural materials that brings out the natural beauty of a leisurely walk in a garden.

A collage lace veil made by hand-dying each lace and layering them.

After completing its role in the wedding ceremony, it will become a symbol of happiness.

We would be happy if we could help you with your important day with a dress that put your heart into it.