About REI

I want to make a beautiful lace blouse worn by a silent movie actress.
In 1940, when lace had not yet been distributed in Japan,
REI's lace making started from a small atelier in Yokohama.

Delicate lace made from thin threads of natural materials and linen and cotton that are gentle on the skin.

We are particular about making things in Japan, and we continue to make things carefully with old-fashioned handwork.

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REI Bridal

A piece like the soft sunshine that you want to be with forever

Embracing eternal happiness with the gentleness of natural materials.

A dress that you wear with all your heart

Our exquisite dress, made from natural materials in Japan and with the delicate Japanese artistry,

will make you shine and the memory of the day live forever with your special dress.

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Collage Lace

Spare no handwork, take time, and be polite.

Made by hand collage lace that REI's lace craftsmen handcraft one by one.

By intricately combining several rare Japanese laces woven from delicate threads of natural materials, it creates a more beautiful and unique look.

Although it is a new expression of lace that can only be made by REI, which has been devoted to lace for many years and has been close to lace, it has a nostalgic and warm antique-like texture.

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