Lace & Embroidery

REI is based in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
We make special beautiful pieces by small-quantity production.
Organic delicate thin thread and original embroidery.
Our high-quality daily wears are focused on comfortability and exquisite wedding
dresses are made by expert of lace.

REI Bridal

Breathe, Be Free and Be Yourself.
A dress like gentle sunshine, the natural dress will gently hold your happiness.
You can breathe naturally, and just be yourself on your wedding day.
Our exquisite dress, made from natural materials in Japan and with the delicate Japanese artistry,
will make you shine and the memory of the day live forever with your special dress.

Collage Lace

Taking time for special hand work.
Our COLAGED-LACE pieces are overlapped in many layers of laces with our artisan's dedicated hand work.
The COLLAGED-LACE shows you exquisite and unique expression, which is very new that you never seen before but also a little nostalgic as like a beautiful vintage. 

About REI

To make beautiful blouse such as the one was worn by an actress in silent cinema.
REI started making laces at little atelier in Yokohama in 1940.
At that time, laces are not in circulation in Japan.
Using natural material’s laces difficult to machine production and Linen and Cotton gentle for the skin. 
We have been producing our MADE-IN-JAPAN products with dedicate hand work 

Atelier Shop

Bakurocho 1-6-8 1F ,Chuo-ku Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan

Business Hour:Weekday9:00~17:00(Excluding national holidays)

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Dress fitting is by appointment only.
Please make an appointment online or by phone.