[Scheduled to arrive in late February 2024] 60 fluffy cotton gilet blouse [Now accepting reservations]



Blouse from Rei's standard material [60 soft cotton] series.

It is a comfortable and gentle material that expresses softness and fullness by kneading the fabric many times.

Available in 5 colors: off-white, black, black x beige, pink, and beige.

This time we made REI's ever-popular gilet blouse with Edel Chemical lace.

The chest area is luxuriously decorated, making the area around your face gorgeous.

This is a piece that can be worn in a variety of situations.

[Notes when making a reservation]

・Points will be automatically awarded after the product is shipped.
・Cancellations, product exchanges, and color changes are not possible after reservations are made.
・As this is a reserved item, you cannot specify the arrival date. The product will be shipped as soon as it becomes available.
- If you make a reservation for two or more items, the items will generally be shipped as soon as they are available, but due to delivery dates, they may be sent separately.
- If you reserve 2 or more items with cash on delivery, the items will be shipped as soon as they are available, regardless of the delivery date.
・Due to production reasons, the arrival time may be slightly delayed.

[If ordered together with regular sale items]

- If you order a pre-order item and an item on sale at the same time, the item on sale will be shipped first due to delivery times.
・If the total amount of each reserved item and on-sale item is less than 10,000 yen, additional shipping and cash-on-delivery fees will be charged, so please be aware of this when placing your order.
2 or 3
Outer material: 100% cotton
Lace 100% cotton
2 size: 60cm
bust 63cm
Sleeve length 55cm
Hem width 74.2cm *For size 3, the bust will be +4 cm (laying flat).
can be


Dry cleaning

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