[Expected to ship in late August 2023] chi-zi-mi jacket [accepting reservations]



REI's long-selling [chi-zi-mi] series jacket.

By applying a strong twist to the cotton thread, it has elasticity and is finished in a very light textile.

Available in four colors: black, cassis, beige, and mocha.

It's easy to wear, so it's a design that can be put on.

The material does not feel wrinkled, so it is very useful for carrying around.

[Important notes when making a reservation]

・Points are automatically awarded after the product is shipped.
・Cancellations, product exchanges, and color changes cannot be made after a reservation has been made.
・As this is a reserved item, it is not possible to specify the arrival date. The product will be shipped as soon as it arrives.
・If you make a reservation for 2 or more items, we will basically ship them as soon as the items are ready, but we may send them separately due to the delivery date.
・If you reserve 2 or more items with cash on delivery, they will be shipped as soon as the items are ready regardless of the delivery date.
・There is a possibility that the arrival time may be slightly delayed due to production reasons.

[When ordering with regular sales products]

・If you order a pre-order item and an on-sale item together, the on-sale item will be shipped first due to the delivery date.
・If the total price of the reserved item and the item on sale is 10,000 yen or less, a separate shipping fee and cash-on-delivery fee will be charged, so please be careful when ordering.
one size
Outer material: 99% cotton, 1% polyurethane
Length 54cm
can be
can be


Dry cleaning

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