[Assortment of lace] Petite lace


  • 再入荷

"Petit lace" is a popular item made by craftsmen hand-cutting REI's original lace into petite sizes.

It can be used for making various things such as remake of clothes, handmade works, and miscellaneous goods.

[About the race]
This product is an assorted set, so each item has different contents and colors.
Please note that it is not possible to specify the contents.
The amount contained may vary slightly depending on the price of the race.

[About commercial use]
Items made from the lace included in Petit Lace can be commercialized and sold.
The following items are prohibited for commercialization and sales, so please be sure to check before purchasing.
×Secondary use of brand names, logo marks, company copyrighted materials (image books, postcards, etc.) ×Photography and use of our products and the exterior of our stores ×Production and sales of counterfeits and similar products of our products

Made in Japan


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